In a world of instant gratification, where real time satisfaction of demands is the new and established normal, supplements not only cover the basic dietary deficiencies, but also produce a specialized tribe of ‘Nutrient Scientists’ or Dieticians, who work hand-in-hand with doctors to repair and heal broken bodies and body systems.

These sport supplements can be used to prepare the body for exercise, reduce injury probability whilst training, enhance the body’s recovery from exercise or catalyse body functions by supplementing the scarcity of a particular vitamin or enzyme. The popular supplements used world wide can take the avatar of tablets, capsules, liquids, powders or even, bars. In a survey conducted by in 2020 amongst people who regularly used dietary supplements, it was found that most of the surveyed populace consumed Vitamin D, Magnesium and Fish Oil.

While the overall objective for a sport athlete to imbibe supplements is largely to boost the positive impact of his anaerobic and aerobic exercise regimens, the average human being uses them more as a prophylactic measure rather than a performance enhancer. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Sports supplements score over normal food in being convenient to use and having a faster rate of absorption by the human body. While it goes without saying that whole food is the best form of nutrients intake, its preparation does take time. Compare this with the convenience of mixing a ready to go protein powder sports supplement, full of varied nutrients, to drink after a vigorous work out session to repair and nourish the worked-out muscle mass and you have answered your own question. The added bonus of a faster rate of nutrients absorption, as the body does not have to breakdown the ingested food, is another factor in their favour.

Food supplements work in tandem with good diet and exercise to ensure good health. Quite like our product, Ashwagandha KSM-66 500 mg, which boosts the body’s nervous system, immune system, energy levels, mental performance and allows for a general sense of calm, focus and vitality to sweep over it. Similarly, the Glucosamine+ MSM Flex is a collagen, bone and cartilage support formula, which promotes cartilage and bone health for long term vitality.
Raspberry ketones & Glucomannan is another product which works on weight control through a tried and tested formula and is an ideal herbal food supplement. But the bottom line is that though food supplements can never replace wholesome food and a healthy lifestyle, they can always support their positive impact by playing a stellar supporting role.

Not just Athletes and sports persons but people like you and me rely on expert  dieticians to ensure that while their performance is enhanced on the sports field, their normal life runs smoothly fueled by the correct supplements.