A hard working 45-year-old with an active lifestyle was increasingly concerned that while she was healthy and fit, she easily caught a cold or the seasonal flu. Worried about her health in the times of the pandemic and with just no time to prepare recommended health foods to boost her immune system, she decided to try immunity-boosting tablets which not only gave her more energy but also peace of mind and good health to cope with work challenges.

We all know fresh fruits and vegetables are good for us and that we have a natural immunity which works by protecting our body from attacks of microorganisms, virus, bacteria, etc. While many of us believe that our body’s natural defense system is enough, the fact is that as we age, the body's defense begins weakening.

There are many age-old immunity boosting techniques which were practiced by our elders but preparing them at home can be time consuming and even counterproductive given our fast paced lifestyle and lack of adequate knowledge about these preparations.

Fortunately, we have the option of choosing immunity-boosting tablets with Vitamin C or Vitamin C Max Plus, Korean Ginseng, Turmeric, Ginger etc. depending upon the requirement of our body.

Vitamin C as immunity booster: Vitamin C is believed to play an essential role in the repair and growth of tissues in our body. It acts as an antioxidant and fights against any radicals that may cause cancer or heart diseases. It also acts as a major component responsible for promoting healthy aging.

Korean Ginseng as immunity booster: Ginseng contains two important components gintonin and ginsenosides. These compounds play an important role in building up immunity. A study has proven that when ginseng was given to cancer patients post-surgery, their immune system improved. The most significant was the fact that the recurrence of the symptoms reduced to a larger extent. Ginseng is also known to have improved the effect of vaccines given for various diseases.

Turmeric as an immunity booster: Turmeric for eons has been used in raw form as an immunity booster. When consumed with milk, warm water, or tea, it has proven to have cured flu and cold in just a few days of consumption. The major component known as curcumin in turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it helps in boosting the immunity of our body.

Ginger as immunity booster: Apart from having nutritional properties, ginger has also been known as an immunity booster in many cultures across the world. Gingerol the main component of Ginger makes it a perfect immunity booster. It is both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables as immunity booster: Citrus Fruits and Green Leafy Vegetables are known to carry the Vitamins and Minerals required for our immune system to remain intact. Apples, pears, bananas, spinach, etc. all have proven to boost the disease-fighting capacity of our body. In our everyday life, the best alternative is their availability in the form of tablets. They are easy to carry and consume wherever whenever.

There is no doubt that building a strong immune system is a necessity in the current world health scenario. As a progressive human race, we have to balance our work life and health irrespective of our age. Immunity-boosting tablets should definitely become an integral part of our daily life.