Our multiple responsibilities leave little time for a self-care routine and the problem gets compounded by the added pressure of snacking on fast food while eating on the go, lack of exercise and work-related stress that inevitably led to weight gain. To make matters worse, young people in their twenties and thirties seem to grapple with the above issues the most, at a time when they are at the peak of their careers and simply cannot afford to slow down.

Fad diets simply wouldn’t work and the weight kept coming back putting.  While researching for alternatives, one of my colleagues chanced upon information about the magic of apple cider vinegar, which had proven to be a catalyst in weight loss. Post gaining proper information about how it works on the body, she started consuming it in the form of tablets, and today, her weight loss journey is a source of inspiration for many.

With such real-life examples, it makes sense to gain some information about its benefits:


The Preparation Process 

Though the main component of apple cider vinegar is water and acetic acid, it is prepared through a fermentation process which has two steps. By first crushing the apples and mixing them with yeast, the sugar is converted into alcohol and later this alcohol is fermented with bacteria to get acetic acid and this is how it aids weight loss. It additionally acts as a :

Fat Burner: Acetic Acid present in Apple cider vinegar helps in the generation of genes that burn fat hence body fat doesn't get accumulated in the body.

Affects Blood Sugar: Acetic Acid helps improve the capacity of the liver and the muscles to absorb sugar from the blood, hence it helps promote the healthy functioning of the body and not store extra sugar in the blood.

Appetite Control: The acetate in apple cider vinegar helps control food intake as it suppresses brain control centers that stimulate appetite in the human body.

The Insulin Secretion: Acetic acid maintains the ratio between insulin and glucagon, hence favoring fat burn in the body.

Metabolism: The Acetic acid present in Apple Cider Vinegar increases the secretion of the enzyme AMPK that is responsible for fat burning and helps decrease the production of the sugar in the liver. Eventually, it leads to improved metabolism.

Often, our hectic schedules keep us away from following an exercise regime. But just as the adage goes, “where there is a will there is a way,” regular consumption of Apple Cider Vinegar in the safest way (please follow instructions) will make you feel better while managing weight even if you cannot hit a gym or follow a strict diet.