My friends, some of whom are in their thirties, often complain of inexplicable bloating and fatigue that refuses to go away even after a good night’s sleep. Having heard about the benefits of detoxication, they were advised them to try a detox but most were sceptical because they love food and cannot even dream of going on a diet.

One among them, a curious yet well informed lady took the leap and after proper research ordered detox tablets. She claims that the results have to be experienced to be believed. Within just 10 days of the prescribed intake, she got back into a healthy routine with the additional bonus of increased vitality. There has been no looking back for her ever since and she has even convinced friends in her own circle of the benefits of detox.

What is the meaning and purpose of Detox? Simply understood, Detox has been an integral part of our culture and traditions since time immemorial. You may have noticed most of our elders follow the system of regular fasting or just eliminating certain foods from their diet on certain days or months. This served the purpose of detox many years ago.

In today’s times, an altered lifestyle, time constraints and changed thinking about food paired with a largely sedentary lifestyle in the modern generation has brought on many problems which can be easily resolved by adhering to time tested colon cleansing routines. Let us look at some of the top benefits of detox:


Repairing damage and Balancing the Body

A continuous time crunch and hectic work schedules take its toll on our consumption and we  grab whatever we can lay our hands on. This is what leads to an imbalance in the body and  causes damage to healthy cells. A detox reduces the effect of an unhealthy food intake and helps us flush toxins out of the body.


Expelling the toxic effects of polluted air

Growing industrialization has impacted the quality of air that we breathe in which carries various toxins. A detox helps the body clear these imprints from the body helping us maintain a healthy digestive system and easier and more regular bowel movements.


Weight Loss

The most visible impact of detox is the lightness of being as colon cleansing of the large intestine through proper detox stops the unnecessary fat storage which aids weight reduction.


 Clears Headaches, Acne & Inflammation

A good detox helps the kidneys and the liver to perform at its optimum level while making it easier for you to complete your daily activities while avoiding inflammation, acne and the headache that comes with a slow metabolism. A healthy functional system brings on the benefit of a radiant skin and a healthy mind and body.


Eliminates Caffeine and Carbohydrate dependency

Our body is designed to repair itself naturally throughout the day at stipulated times. Unfortunately, the mental pressures we experience force us to reach out to stimulants like caffeine, sugar, etc. Once our body goes into detox mode and when we are able to maintain it as a regular habit, we can gradually reduce this sense of dependency.

The most effective way to do colon cleansing is through a thorough detox. This procedure is simplified with easily available and safely consumable colon cleansing tablets which are blessings for our body as they allow us to maintain a healthy routine.